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Being a pro athlete is great when you're cashing huge paychecks, partying your ass off, and retiring in your 30s. It's not so great when you're dealing with the effects of a lifetime of injuries or, in this case, being cornered by an overeager fan who may or may not have previously indulged in one too many adult beverages (we'll let you be the judge).

That's what happened to Colin Kaepernick on Friday night as a pair of fans stopped the current 49ers' signal caller at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles. While their primary motivation appeared to be taking photos with the former NFC champ, one of the fans took him upon himself to deliver an impromptu motivational speech to Kaepernick that featured the fan comparing him to reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton over and over again.

As you can see in the video, the wannabe Tony Robbins hit the San Francisco quarterback with some great inspirational quotes in an effort to help Kaepernick restore himself back to his 2012-13 form. "I believe that you’re going to restore that power that you once exuded," the fan said. "But God was with you that year and took you all the way, right? You got that power again, and I need you to be disciplined..."

"I’ve always had that power," Kaepernick responded.

“Look, hold up, you are as great as Cam Newton," the fan yelled back. "And Cam Newton is great!"

The fan then continued talking about Newton, even as Kaepernick tried to get the guy to calm down by saying, "We ain't the same person," in about 10 different ways.

At that point, a female who was with Kaepernick—it sounded like his girlfriend Nessa but she never appeared on camera—told him that the energy surrounding the fan was getting "negative," which led to the fan saying, "This dude is a son of Israel! Without him—we look up to him for inspiration in life! I actually need you to say positive things about yourself so we can stand strong! When you talk confident...I am confident."

The fan then said, "Are you scared to step into this spotlight?" before the footage ended. It was all very bizarre, and you have to give it up to Kaepernick for keeping his cool. He very easily could have walked away from both fans—the one who kept making things more awkward and the one who just wanted a photo—but he handled the situation as best he could, took a picture with the second fan, and then kept it moving.

You can check out the really awkward interaction in the clip above.