Phil Jackson was right, Sacramento is a “cow town.” And I don’t mean that in the disrespectful way he meant it in. I had never been to California’s capital before today, but Jackson helped me with my expectations. The first thing you notice as your plane makes its descent into Sacramento Airport are the farms. Lots and lots of farms. Different color farms and plains ranging from spinach green to beige as far as the eye can see. So how does a young guy such as Willie Cauley-Stein entertain himself in such a city? Live in one of Eddie Murphy's old mansions, of course.

“One of my old coaches was telling me about it; he made it seem like his wife just lived here,” he told me with a childish grin on his face. The house is humongous, complete with an equally large backyard with a small pond and decent sized pool. Most notably, Cauley-Stein commissioned a Space Jam inspired painting of himself. “My man Justin, right when I got drafted, I was like: ‘Bruh, you gotta make me a Space Jam painting.’ I just gave him an idea, and he captured it exactly how I was visioning it. Bugs Bunny has the neck tat and everything.”

The painting is so good it should get Willie a gig in the upcoming sequel opposite LeBron James.