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SMH. While they're often as bad as each other, the AFL Footy Show was normally the spot for casual racism. The NRL Footy Show was more about sickening on-air injuries. 

Beau Ryan has done something about that though, channeling his inner-Sam Newman to air a racist joke during last night's show. On a pre-recorded segment, Beau Ryan was seen asking an Asian lady if she planned to eat a dog for dinner. Class.

The baffling part about the joke is that the segment was previously recorded and edited, yet the powers that be chose to keep the racism in the version that aired. The Footy Show also went as far as Tweeting the video again, before deleting it after an overwhelmingly negative response from followers.

Twitter wasted no time dismantling Ryan in a flurry of furious Tweets. With jokes this bad and a stale format, one has to ask how much longer both the NRL and AFL Footy Show will last. Who actually watches this shit?