Ayesha Curry has had enough of some of the memes that have filled her Twitter mentions in recent weeks. Specifically, it seems she takes issue with the ones that feature LeBron James' or Kyrie Irving’s face Photoshopped over her husband Steph Curry’s face in Curry family photos. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s an example:

Ayesha called people out for creating these memes on Sunday and asked them to stop:

So of course, people stopped started creating more memes than they were creating before she said anything and really went in on her:

One Cavaliers fan decided to take the trolling to the next level. Rather than just send Ayesha a meme, @_Jimbo_Slice_79 asked her where he could send a copy of her cookbook to get signed:

Ayesha—who clearly didn’t read @_Jimbo_Slice_79’s Twitter bio, which reads “99.9% just jokes, good chance you might be the punchline”—graciously took some time out of her day to respond to the fan with an address where he could send his cookbook. And the fan responded by—omg—did he really take it here?

Yep! And it got him:

Well, at least he didn’t send you a meme, right, Ayesha?