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Since Aaron Gordon wowed us all with his jaw-dropping, gravity-defying dunks during February's NBA Slam Dunk Contest, most just expect him to continue jumping to the highest apex imaginable for our entertainment. Since we didn't see his team Orlando Magic in the playoffs, and now that the NBA Finals and Draft have past, "Air Gordon" still left us with a viral treat to share.

Last week, Sacramento Kings' Ben McLemore summoned "Air Gordon" to his Half-Court Swish-Dunk Challenge. If you're confused at what this NBA-level game of HORSE looks like, here it is...


Gordon was quick to oblige to the challenge to match McLemore, and made it look like nothing to him by doing this...


This isn't a ESPN Sports Science episode-like physics breakdown by any means, but let's just say that it takes damn near perfect rotation on the release for the ball to bounce back towards you away after precisely swishing it through the hoop. Let alone windmilling a dunk off one bounce to the ground after it goes through the hole from half-court. For those who can't get up this high, maybe try the half-court shot at least. If you want to do the second half of the challenge, make sure you have a trampoline handy because this is way hard. Good luck!

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