In 2016, the daily off-the-court stories surrounding the NBA Finals all seem to revolve around Ayesha Curry and, more specifically, the things Ayesha Curry tweets. Over the course of the last 24 hours, she's made headlines for calling the NBA "rigged" and for calling out Stephen A. Smith for comparing her to LeBron James' wife Savannah. But just one year ago, we were all too busy talking about Riley Curry and her adorable antics to worry about what Ayesha was tweeting. Look, Riley is interrupting Steph Curry's press conference! Now she's singing Big Sean's "Blessed"! And OMG, is she demanding photos with the Larry O'Brien Trophy?!

Those days are, unfortunately, long gone. Riley is 3 now (they grow up so fast, don't they?) and still as adorable as ever, but for whatever reason, there are some people—way too many people—who seem to have a problem with her. Just ask, well, Riley Curry.

We're not talking about that Riley Curry, though. Instead, we're talking about Riley Curry, a 29-year-old home inspector who lives in Nashville, Tenn. He snatched up the @RileyCurry Twitter handle back in August 2011—almost one full year before the other Riley Curry was even born—and while he enjoyed a few years of peace and quiet in his Twitter mentions, it sounds like that all started to change last summer when the younger Riley came along.

Now, when you look at the @RileyCurry Twitter account, it's pretty clear that it's not the Riley Curry you think it is. This Curry claims to "like beards and fire" and there's a photo of him on his Twitter page. But last Friday, he sent this tweet to the Twitter account for ESPN's Mike & Mike show indicating that he sees "horrible" tweets in his mentions every day from people who think they're writing to a 3-year-old girl:

We went back and found that, fortunately, there aren't that many horrible tweets. Many of the tweets we found look like this:

They're innocent enough, and while we would question why in the world anyone would think a 3-year-old would have a Twitter account, there's nothing in most of the tweets to get too worked up about. But there are some tweets directed at @RileyCurry that are as bad as the older Curry suggested. Like this:

And this:

And this, which is just cruel:

But here's where this story gets weirder. Now that the tweet @RileyCurry sent out last Friday has been circulating thanks to a retweet from Mike & Mike, there are more people than ever sending tweets to the account. Most of them appear to think they're sending tweets to the younger Curry, too, and a lot of those tweets are worse than anything the older Curry was getting before he sent out his tweet about how awful social media can be. Take a look:

Yikes. "Horrible things" indeed.

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