Jamie Vardy(s) are having a party.

As Leicester City get used to being called Premier League champions, it's good to see that they've not lost any of the class that's made them so popular with neutral fans this season.

After giving away free beer and donuts to home fans this season as reward for their incredible support, the club went one step further by inviting a fan – who fancies himself as a bit of a Jamie Vardy lookalike – onto the party bus to meet his heroes.

The Vardy lookalike had been hanging around Leicester celebrating.

Foxes fan Lee Chapman first came to attention on Tuesday morning when he was picked out by Guardian journalist Josh Halliday, who noted he's a postman that "sprinted through his round" so he could take part in the day's celebrations.

Hours later and his face was plastered across the Internet as the club made him an official part of the celebrations.

We love Leicester City.

[via Twitter]

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