Here's a story with that had shades of Temecula.

Rockets forward Trevor Ariza got his his balls busted by a Twitter troll in November and it (apparently) stayed with him all season. Here was the initial shot...:

...along with Ariza's response:

Now that the team has been eliminated by the Warriors, Ariza can finally fit into his schedule the ass beating he's been wanting to apply all season. At least that's what it appeared like after he sent the same fan a DM to make good on his five-month old promise. That fan (@TerryLee__) appeared more than willing to accept the challenge (at least online):

Afterward he gave updates on what appeared to be an extremely bad idea for both men:

The reason we've been using past tense verbs is because wisdom ended up prevailing, as Ariza likely didn't want to catch charges:

Lawsuit averted.

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