Dennis Hof, the owner of the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed last October, has found the perfect marketing opportunity for his (debatably) unscrupulous business by inviting the former NBA champion back to the place where he OD'ed, had kidney failure, and almost died. Sounds like a long shot.

If Odom does decide to return to the Love Ranch he'll have his women and booze comped, but Hof says no drugs this time as he told TMZ there's a no-narcotics policy at his operation. After all, you've got to draw the line somewhere.

While Odom would be wise to turn his offer down if those NBA return rumors are true, Hof does make a tempting offer. "[The] first night and two girls are on me, plus all the Remy Martin [he] can drink," he said. Perhaps you too can be offered a similar bargain if you're famous and almost die there. He also added that he'll protect Odom's privacy by shutting down the cameras and taking away phones.

As Hof realizes some may bristle at his offer to invite a dude with addiction issues and alcoholism back to his brothel with the offer of free cognac, he says. "Don't forget, the people who work here are the ones who saved his life. We truly care about him."

A brothel with a heart of gold—that's the Love Ranch difference. Remember that the next time you're in Nevada.