New Zealand cricket commentator Danny Morrison has divided fans, appearing on camera in a turban and Sikh beard before an Indian Premier League match.

Now, we’re no experts, but it seems Morrison has a reputation as being a ‘funny’ commentator, seemingly in the same sense that your drunk uncle is a funny guy too. You just wouldn’t be seen outside the house with him.

Interviewing Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay, the captains of the competing King's XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Morrison’s outfit, presumably worn for comedic purposes, earned him exactly zero laughs. The two captains didn’t even offer a polite smile or pitiful smirk, standing and staring stoically into the distance as they waited patiently for the whole ordeal to be over with.

While the bit earned little fanfare, it did light up Cricket Twitter, with many fans branding the routine insensitive, and some comparing the outfit to blackface. Others disagreed, but all found common ground on one matter – the outfit wasn't funny.

Bangalore won the match, but Morrison took home the L.