You may not be aware of this (I know I sure as hell wasn't) but Mr. T was once Muhammad Ali's bodyguard. One would think Muhammad Ali wouldn't really need a bodyguard but, at times, it's probably a useful thing to have. Just ask Abe Lincoln.

Anyway, guarding an icon who's led such an interesting life was sure to produce one several fascinating tales related to the self-proclaimed GOAT.

Asked by TMZ Sports what it was like to "protect" Ali, the former B.A. Baracus relayed an anecdote about how The Champ would use his celebrity to bust up fights—before they could even start—in some of America's toughest neighborhoods:

"I learned a lot of stuff from Muhammad Ali. The going back in to the hood, and stuff like that. We would go around in tough areas. He used to see guys arguing, gambling on the corner about to cut each other. He would say 'Hey, hey, hey!' And the guys would stop fighting, they'd say 'It's the champ!' And he would say 'Break that up!' And Ali would stop stuff."

That wisdom was then passed down and used by the former Clubber Lang to further spread good by also preventing violence:

"So I would go into the ghetto and I would see guys fighting. I'd say 'Hey man, don't be fighting.' [Imitating somebody else] 'Hey, that's Mr. T!' And then I'd talk to them a little bit. So a lot of the stuff I do I learned from Muhammad Ali."

Check out the video above to hear the story straight from the man himself. It almost certainly beats reading quotes while trying to use his voice in your head.