When the Heat lost to the Raptors on Sunday, it ended Miami's season. It also ended any hopes of Dwyane Wade squaring off against his former teammate and close friend LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals. But thanks to a feature story ESPN published early Friday, people are still talking about the LeBron and D-Wade connection.

It's not exactly a secret that LeBron and Wade are BFFs. Back in early March, they both caught a ton of flack after their trainer posted a Snapchat video of them working out together. It caused some people to question their commitment to their respective teams. But in the ESPN piece—which is called "The Friendship That Divides the NBA"—reporter Pablo S. Torre digs deep into their relationship and discovers that it extends far beyond the basketball court. He also uncovers some interesting tidbits about them that we didn't already know. Here are five things we learned about LeBron and Wade's friendship from the feature.