Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters have one weird relationship. During the second quarter of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors, Durant went from cracking a smile to repeatedly telling Waiters "fuck you" as they made their way back to the bench. Mind you, this came after KD knocked down a jumper following a pass from Dion. 

Weird, right? 

On Friday, Durant shed some light on the incident, telling The Oklahoman that it's all just a "part of the brotherhood." 

"We always have those exchanges, man. We were laughing," Durant explained Friday. "If you walked into the huddle, the camera was in the huddle, you'd have seen us laughing and joking about it. But we go at it all the time."


"I don't want to tell on him, but you should have seen he cursed me out before I said something to him," Durant joked.

"But it's part of playing basketball. It's part of the brotherhood and having teammates that you really have fun playing with."

You see, a deadpan "fuck you" to a teammate is all just part of playing basketball and shows that you're really having fun with the people you're playing with. No harm, no foul. Now look, we don't suggest that you break out these two words at your next pickup game, but if you do, let us know how it goes. You know, in between those moments when you're putting the ice pack over your face. 

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