Within moments of meeting each other for the first time in an off-the-grid photo studio on the outskirts of Turin, Paul Pogba and Hector Moreno are at ease and entertaining each other with the types of stories about their clubs and team mates that aren't fit for publishing. It didn't take them long to find common ground and why would it? This summer, both players will be fighting for their country in two of the biggest international tournaments in all of sport: Euro 2016 and Copa America.

Having spent the last two years of my life being ushered from one product launch to another, where faces of the beautiful game are thrust in front of the press as not-always-enthusiastic talking heads, I've made a habit of trying to build rapport with people that have only ever been familiar to me through FIFA Ultimate Team at short notice. It doesn't always work.

Today feels different. With shared experiences at the highest level of the game – Moreno just won the Eredivise with PSV Eindhoven and Pogba picked up Serie A with Juventus – both players are excited to talk about their exceptional past and the momentous challenges that await them in the instant future. At just 23-years-old, Pogba is the hottest property in world football and will be the face of France's charge towards glory at Euro 2016 – while Moreno is one of the catalysts for Mexican football's 21st century revival, which culminated in their victory at the CONCACAF Gold Cup last year.

Both men will carry the weight of their respective countries on their shoulders this summer. Speaking exclusively to COMPLEX, Paul Pogba and Hector Moreno talk Euro 2016, Copa America and how football has the power to change the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.