Draymond Green says he's sorry for kicking Steven Adams in the groin on Sunday night, even though he has stopped just short of saying that he did it on purpose. In a lengthy blog entry that doubles as a "playoff diary" that he posted on The Undefeated on Monday, Green professed his innocence and revealed that he wanted to apologize to the Thunder big man after he kicked him. However, Green writes that he didn't want the pop to Adams' nuggets to ignite a fight on the court, which is why he decided not to issue an apology in the heat of the moment.

Here's an excerpt from Green's blog entry:

"I would tell [Adams], ‘My bad. I didn’t try to do something like that.’ Honestly, I wanted to go up to him during the game and say that. But I know what type of competitor he is and I think I know how he would react. If he would have reacted the way I thought he would have reacted, I know what that would have done to me, as well. I just kind of erred on the side of not saying anything and was hopeful I may catch him after the game."

Green also stated that the entire thing was an accident, which may be a tough sell since it has happened before:

"I didn’t intentionally kick him down there. Whether he believes me or not, which I don’t think he will and wouldn’t in the moment, which is why I didn’t say anything. I would definitely apologize and I look forward to apologizing to him, if I see him."

And additionally, Green said that kicking a guy in the groin is wrong because it could hurt his team and, maybe more importantly, hurt the other guy's chances of reproducing one day:

"I know how important I am to my team. Being that I know that, I’m not going to be that obvious and try to kick a man down there. That’s not something I would even do. Hitting someone down there … you can ruin a lot more. Why do that?"

So was it intentional or unintentional? Well, it's your call. Hurts either way.

As for Green, whether or not he'll be disciplined for the incident in question is expected to be revealed before the end of the day after a group of supposedly serious men gather the facts to determine if his kick was deliberate.