Last night the Raptors beat the Cavs 99-84, at the very least, to avoid being swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals by Cleveland. As this may (see: probably) mark the high point of the series for Toronto, the team's most famous fan, Drake, took to his Instagram to troll LeBron because, well, as we just said, this may be his only chance.

What he posted was an image of a blubbering superstar, and for once, it wasn't the blubbering superstar that everyone else would have posted. Instead of pasting Jordan's crying face over LeBron's, he just left it unadulterated. Believe it or not there are other options to choose from.

This marks the second time this postseason that the Raptors' loosely defined "global ambassador" (whatever the hell that means) has taken to social media to trash talk an opposing star following a win. Though, unlike with Paul George, this time Drizzy didn't need to add a crappily photoshopped tear. Also this one hasn't been deleted.

We should note, in case you're wondering, that Drake and LeBron are friends, and that James likely couldn't give less of a shit about his whiny photo being posted for 307K people to like. He's dealt with far worse

Anyway, Drake's caption (sent @ the official DJ of the Cavs) seems to imply he'll be at the Air Canada Centre for tomorrow night's contest. You can probably expect to see him there in a Raptors jersey until Cleveland takes an insurmountable lead. What jersey he'll be sporting next round is still anybody's guess.