Once a pop cultural icon has retired from their job, and they are out of the limelight, it's easy for them to take the IDGAF approach out in public. 

Such is the case for retired late night TV icon and Late Show host David Letterman. The Indy 500 is this weekend and the 69-year-old Indianapolis native made an appearance live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sportscenter Saturday morning. It's one day ahead of the Brickyard Race—the 100th to date— where the IndyCar team that Letterman owns will compete in.


The Santa-Claus-looking Letterman sported sunglasses, a grey fluffy beard, and a red decal-filled jacket to represent the team. He talked about the drastic measures he'll take if his team fails in Sunday's race with ESPN anchor Matt Barrie. "If we don’t win … I have every intention of faking my own death,” Letterman said. “I know a fellow who will remove my fingerprints. I have a post office box somewhere on the planet, that’s all I can tell ya.”

He also gave a rambling story about how he once got wasted with his team. He said they "got drunk as you can get without killing yourself from alcohol poisoning." Then he ended his tangent and admitted, "By the way, I'm drunk now." Amidst the cheers from several onlookers of the interview, Barrie suitably responded, "Good. We wouldn’t expect anything less.”

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