Last night, former NBA player Charles Oakley took to Twitter to g-check his arch nemesis Charles Barkley. Oakley is from Cleveland and he didn't take too kindly to Chuck always talking smack about his beloved hometown. Oak's tweet went out after these quotes from Barkley regarding the barrage of threes the Cavs hit the Hawks with:

"The Atlanta Hawks got to take somebody out," he said. "Let me tell you something. Take ‘em out! You’re not trying to hurt them. When a team is just embarrassing you, shooting threes when the game is way over, just trying to set a record, you have to knock the hell out of them. Not for this game, but to set the tone for the next game."

Both guys were known for being bullies during their playing days and both are good friends with Michael Jordan. But as Chuck stated on TNT's Inside the NBA, Oakley has never liked him and Barkley doesn't know why. Maybe the beef stems from the time Barkley said something about Oak in Atlantic City back in 1999. According to a Daily News article, Oakley smacked Charles in the face during a player's union meeting over some things that were said in Jersey's trash version of Las Vegas.

That being said, Barkley isn't the only guy out here who might need to catch a fade, so we decided to come up with some NBA personalities we would like Oak to bully. The list of 11 includes names like Stephen A. Smith, Derek Fisher, and Dwight Howard, among others.