Game 4 of the Warriors/Thunder Western Conference Finals series started falling apart sometime around the middle of the second quarter on Tuesday night. The Thunder jumped out to a double-digit lead after the Warriors climbed back into the game following a slow start, and if you went to bed at halftime, well, we don't blame you. It was an ugly game (unless you happen to be from Oklahoma City and/or a Warriors hater) and Golden State players struggled to comprehend what happened after it was over.

As is the case on most nights that feature uncompetitive games, the best part about Tuesday night was TNT's Inside the NBA. It featured Hall of Famer Charles Barkley facing off against Ernie Johnson in a three-point contest.

So who won? Um, not the Hall of Famer.

While you might be quick to point out that Barkley's career three-point percentage is around 27 percent, which means his loss to Johnson shouldn't come as a surprise, we'd be quick to point out that Johnson's career three-point percentage is...0. He's got the shooting form of a guy who "perfected" his jumper in the driveway and never advanced much further than that. He's also a grandfather, which is something Barkley pointed out after the painfully slow competition ended.

"I lost to a grandpa!" Barkley yelled.

"Yes, you did," Johnson yelled back. "This one's for grandfathers everywhere."

Still, you have to give EJ some credit for going 10-of-20 from behind the arc. He earned a well deserved victory for old guys who've never played professionally.

Watch the entire video above. It's entertaining, but we really hope we don't have to talk about how a pre- or post-game show outshined an NBA playoff game again for the rest of the postseason.

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