All football players dream of the day they get the call from an NFL team that they have been drafted by them. And that includes stand-out All-Americans like Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones. But even Jones was in disbelief when he got a call from the Buffalo Bills informing him he'd been chosen in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. 

Jones called into WGR Sports Radio on Tuesday and revealed he initially thought it was a prank when he received several phone calls from unidentifiable numbers that happened to be the Bills management. "I was getting calls from some weird numbers all day," Jones said, "And I would answer, and they would hang up. So I didn't believe it until really my name went across the TV screen. I was watching it with my family, and my name popped up on the screen and I went crazy.”

He didn't like the feeling of someone putting a joke on him. "I guess they were expecting me to see a weird number and think I was getting drafted by that team," he said. "I don't know if it was one of my buddies playing a joke, but it wasn't a great feeling I'll tell you that."

Once it was confirmed on his TV that the bills selected him, he and his boys had a priceless reaction to celebrate. Jones even did his best Incredible Hulk impression by ripping off his tank-top.

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