Regardless of whether anyone actually believes a fight between UFC's Conor McGregor and boxing's Floyd Mayweather will happen at this point, news related to the possible showdown keeps popping up. The latest: Teddy Atlas, a respected boxing trainer and analyst, says it would take McGregor at least five years to prepare to box Mayweather, according to a new ESPN article.

ESPN asked Atlas how he would trainer McGregor for the potential showdown. His response was telling.

"First off, I wouldn't," Atlas said. "He has no chance in a traditional boxing match. His only chance would be with MMA rules ... he would need about five years –​ and I'm being very generous and conservative –​ of boxing training and experience to even entertain the thought of being competitive with any A-plus-level boxer."

It's certainly not the first time someone has said McGregor would be hopeless in a boxing match. And yet, if these two were to fight, it's the only route that would make sense; Mayweather learning mixed martial arts would require significantly more time than McGregor learning to box. 

With that being said, McGregor doesn't seem daunted by the prospect. (Is that a surprise? Would McGregor seem daunted by anything?) Based on a recent ESPN interview, it seems McGregor's potential participation hinges on him locking up a $100 million payday—unlikely.

Atlas said McGregor's greatest hope would be landing "a sneak punch."

If you didn't get the point already, here's Atlas on McGregor's odds of winning: "None. If I were a Vegas oddsmaker, I would not list a betting line on this."

In other words, the Browns have better odds of winning next year's Super Bowl (currently 1 in 100) than McGregor would have in a boxing match against Mayweather.

Atlas' grim analysis is unlikely to influence the rapidity of rumors surfacing that imply this is actually a possibility. Expect to hear more about a potential McGregor-Mayweather showdown in the coming weeks.

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