Who else are you gonna put on the wing, really. Remember when you picked Nathan Merritt? Daniel Tupou? You have terrible wing judgement bruh. Let me step in and make it easy; Josh Mansour is a beast. He averages more run metres than any other wing in the competition, and also looks like one of the warriors from 300. Everytime he brings the ball out of Penrith territory, he has a bunch of dudes hanging off him like he's in some sort of reversed Lynx ad. He’s played for Australia, so a Blue jersey is only right at this point. 

On the other wing, give Tom Trbojevic a go. We don’t need an out of form Will Hopoate or an out of position fullback dicking around on the wing. Pick some young, strong wingers who know their role and are going to show up. FFS Laurie we got beaten by 10,000 points in Game 3 last year, it’s time to swing the axe.