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The Blazers took the top spot in last year’s rankings, and when we tallied the votes this year it wasn’t even a contest. Their account has it all, from snarky disses, to clever wordplay, to beautiful graphics, to lightning-quick Vine-work. The tweets they got off in their opening-round playoff series with the Clippers alone would have been enough to catapult one of the teams in the bottom third of this list into the top 10. Just look at this stuff:

The Blazers are the kings of the sneak diss, as demonstrated by the Khloe Kardashian GIF they used after a loss to James Harden and the Houston Rockets in February:

And they also know how to handle losses with class as well:

Their Twitter game has even rubbed off on their players too:

When it comes to NBA team Twitter, there isn’t even a question about who reigns supreme. Trailblazers, you guys are amazing.