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— Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) May 5, 2016

The Atlanta Hawks (also known as the HaWWWWWWWWWWWks for a while) were the darling of the NBA Twitter world last year. They were like the Leiscester City of the NBA Twitter world. Started out on nobody's radar, but ended having put the entire league on notice. And while ATL didn't come away with the hardware like Leicester City did, they certainly raised their profile. Like, literally, we profiled their Twitter guy Jaryd Wilson​ as part of a NBA social media longform last year.

This year the Hawks picked up where they left off. New year, new uniforms, new hardwood, same old hilarious Twitter game. They say the Hawks don't have any superstars, but dammit, YOU'RE their superstar, @ATLHawks. It's always been you. 

Chance The Rapper or Kent Bazemore? 🤔#Chance3 #ColoringBook #Twins

— Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) May 14, 2016