Former WWE Diva, and current Hall of Famer, Sunny has checked herself into rehab in an effort to get sober after racking up three DUIs in a two-month period last year. The move is reportedly an effort to counteract potential jail time, as law enforcement generally frowns upon someone driving around drunk that frequently/at all.

Her sister gave details on the facility to Pro Wrestling Sheet that kind of make it sound like a scam, saying "It’s a retreat that focuses on the body and mind while using a holistic approach offering yoga, music therapy, art and holistic supplements to help the body heal. She is hoping to feel better soon and looks forward to a healthier future.”

In addition to the trio of DUIs, in the past year Sunny has tried to hock her WWE Hall of Fame ring, starred in an adult film, and got into a Twitter battle with a set of followers who checked her for using the 'N' word on, of all freakin' days, Martin Luther King Day.

This is all to say that, yeah, maybe rehab is something we all should've seen coming.

Here's hoping it works.

[via TMZ Sports, Pro Wrestling Sheet]

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