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Here's the type of news where the reckless accusations of a crazy person ruins the claims of future victims in the eyes of the public.

Last month a Los Angeles woman filed a police report against Zach Randolph accusing him of "[strangling] her causing bruising to her neck." On top of that sources said she had other injuries, which included "a black eye, multiple bruises on her back, a sprained neck and sore ribs."

Well, funny story, turns out that was total BS and she was actually just looking to get a piece of his $150+ million in career earnings. The "visible injuries" that officers noticed when she made her report were self-inflicted, as she and her friend created them in their car just around the corner from the police station.

A week later, according to "official documents" obtained by TMZ Sports,  she changed her story and said that she and Randolph argued, but that it never escalated to physical contact. She added her reasoning for lying, telling the officers "she was upset and decided to file a fabricated police report and 'just wanted to get his money.'"

The woman later signed a document stating she "made up" the tale.

Obviously the case got thrown out.

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