Sports Authority shuttered 140 of its 450 stores this past March, while simultaneously declaring for bankruptcy, and because of that it appears to be a very real possibility that they'll also give up the naming rights to Sports Authority Field at Mile High (a.k.a. where the Broncos play). If that does happen Native Roots, a Colorado marijuana dispensary chain with 14 stores, is "fully ready to make a multi-million dollar commitment," to slap their name on the side of Denver's home field, which will finally unite a sponsor worthy of a stadium that's been called "Mile High" for almost 50 years.

If Native Roots does gets its wish (which they won't, because it's the NFL) they said they'd be willing to scrap the traditional symbol for pot (a leaf) in favor of a more broadly acceptable logo (a tree with roots). If they do get the naming rights (again, which won't happen) they say they'll call the stadium Native Roots Field at Mile High.

Sports Authority currently holds the naming rights through 2021 at a cost of $6 million per year. However, they'll forfeit them if they can't pony up $3.6 million by August 31. 

We're not sure how they're going to get that money but if we see anything on Kickstarter we'll be sure to update.

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[via CBS Denver, The Denver Channel]