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Allen Iverson has a special relationship with the fans in Philadelphia. Remember when his number was retired in 2014 and Iverson gave that emotional speech about dreams coming true? That night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said, “You define the city of Philadelphia more than any other athlete who ever played here.” Yeah, there’s a very real bond between The Answer and 76ers fans.

Fans were privy to another great moment with A.I. Friday night, when the 76ers’ organization honored Iverson following the announcement that he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. As he walked onto the court to loud cheers, a smiling Iverson threw up his signature hand-cupped-to-ear gesture before accepting high fives and daps.

Before the game, Iverson said he still feels the goosebumps and chills every time he walks into the Wells Fargo Center. He also talked about his relationship with the Philadelphia fans.

“They love me because I gave everything I had and they honor that, and I love them for what they gave me, the love and the support that they gave me,” Iverson said. “And so it'll never be nothing like the relationship that I have with the fans in Philadelphia. I don't think it's possible. I don't think it'll ever happen.”

Whatever TGI Friday's Iverson hits after tonight's game is going to be lit.

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