It goes without saying that Wrestlemania is the biggest show on the WWE calendar. It’s a week-long celebration, culminating with the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment where the company’s biggest stars fight on the biggest stage. Duh.

Also without question, the biggest RAW of the year takes place the night after Wrestlemania. With the fevered crowd still settled from the night before and a creative reboot planned for the night, major moments have been born—some with long term implications, and others that just live in the moment. The RAW after Wrestlemania has hosted moments including the genesis of the DX Army, Brock Lesnar’s earth-shattering return, Dolph Ziggler winning the big one, and the WWE Draft being announced.

Tonight, RAW returns to Dallas after Wrestlemania 32, and it’s practically guaranteed that a new set of moments will be made, including a shocking return. But here are the most classic post-Wrestlemania RAW moments to date.