Thon Maker has been on every NBA fan’s radar for awhile now. As far back as early 2014, he was being called “the next Kevin Durant,” and some analysts have had him penciled into the top of the 2017 NBA Draft for several years now. After spending a season in college, there was even a chance the five-star recruit could go No. 1 overall in next year's draft. But it sounds like Maker doesn’t want to wait until next year to enter the NBA.

Even though there’s a chance he might not even be eligible for the 2016 NBA Draft, Maker just announced that he’s going to try and enter it anyway. The 7-footer revealed his decision by releasing a video through Bleacher Report. You can check it out above.

It’s unclear how the NBA is going to handle this, seeing as how their rules call for players to be at least 19 and one year removed from high school in order to enter the draft. That usually means that players are required to attend college for one year. But Maker is 19, and he actually graduated from high school in Canada in June 2015 before spending a fifth year in high school, so he's hoping that will allow him to play in the NBA next season.

Stay tuned to see whether Maker’s decision to go pro ultimately sticks. If he successfully enters the draft, he could potentially be a top-five draft selection.

You can check out one of Maker's many mixtapes below:

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