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Earlier this month, high school basketball star Thon Maker revealed that he was going to skip college and enter the 2016 NBA Draft by releasing the video that you see above through Bleacher Report. Just one problem: That’s technically not allowed. In order to enter the draft these days, players need to be 19 and one year removed from high school.

Maker actually graduated from high school in Canada last year, though, and spent this past year attending high school for a fifth year. He’s also 19. So the thought was that the NBA might make an exception and allow him to enter the draft, despite the restrictions they placed on high school players a few years back. And that school of thought was apparently right because, according to ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford, Maker is going to be allowed to enter this year’s draft:

That’s big news for Maker—and other high school players who might want to take the same path he just did. Now who’s going to end up drafting this kid?

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