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Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon to hear about a professional athlete getting robbed. It seems to happen all the time. What is uncommon, though, is hearing about a professional athlete getting robbed twice in the same day.

According to TMZ Sports, that’s exactly what happened to Ravens player Terrance West back in February. He was reportedly staying at the Metropole South Beach hotel in Miami when he was approached by two women outside of the hotel who spoke with him for several minutes. Those women then parted ways with West, managed to obtain a key to his hotel room by talking to someone at the front desk of the hotel, and allegedly went to his room and stole two Rolex watches.

West filed a police report after he realized what happened, but that wasn’t the only trouble that he found himself in that day. A short time later, he heard a knock at his hotel room door and opened it thinking it was police responding to the theft that took place in his room. But according to TMZ Sports, it was actually an unidentified man who entered West’s room with a gun and demanded that he hand over $5,000 in cash and other expensive items that he had in the room. That man was then able to leave the hotel and escape before police arrived.

As a result of what happened, West is suing the hotel for more than $50,000. He claims the hotel should have done more to protect him, and if everything went down as he said it did, he’s probably got a pretty strong case. Stay tuned to see if any other info about the alleged robberies comes out.

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