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It turns out that playing FIFA 16 on your PlayStation isn't actually all that different from playing professional football.

At least that's what Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge says, who has compared his team's Europa League quarter final against Borussia Dortmund tonight to a tense game of FIFA against your best friend.

Speaking to the club's website, Sturridge said:

"It’s like when you’re playing a final on Fifa and you’re playing against your mate. You’ve all put £20 in the middle and there’s £100.

The pressure’s on, your palms are sweaty, but as you get into the game, the nerves go away and you enjoy it – and that’s exactly what it’s like."

Liverpool's defenders will be hoping it's not exactly like a game of FIFA.

If Sturridge's comparison is accurate, Liverpool's defenders are in for a tough night – Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang is amongst the fastest and most deadly players in EA SPORTS' simulated universe.

[via The Guardian]