We don’t know which NFL team Greg Hardy is going to end up on next season, if any, but we do know which team he won’t be on: The Ravens. Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh has already gone on the record and said that there’s no way Hardy will suit up in the purple and black next season. And earlier this afternoon, after hearing the statements that Hardy made during an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter about the domestic violence allegations that were made against him back in 2014, Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was quick to call him out for it.

If you haven’t heard already, Hardy denied hitting his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder during an incident that took place in 2014—even though there’s photographic evidence that would suggest otherwise. And when he heard that, Smith had this to say about it on Twitter:

Good for him. Smith and Hardy used to be teammates, but someone had to say this, right? Smith has said some other really smart things in recent months, but this is easily the most important stand he has taken.

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