You don’t really need us to tell you that Steve-O is crazy. But yo: STEVE-O IS CRAZY!

He was doing a comedy show recently when he asked UFC fighter Tim Kennedy to come up on stage, put him into a standing rear-naked choke, and make him pass out. This is a move that MMA fighters do whatever they can to avoid, but Steve-O actually volunteered to have it done to him. And as if that wasn’t insane enough, he also apparently requested for Kennedy to drop him after he slipped into unconsciousness, which resulted in Steve-O slamming the back of his head into the stage when he went down.

As we said, all of this took place during a comedy show, not an episode of Jackass, so Steve-O was going for laughs here. But this looked more scary than funny. It sounds like it went about as well as Steve-O hoped it would, though:

Crazy. Then again, this is the same guy who asked Mike Tyson to give him two black eyes and a broken nose once, so...

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[via Fox Sports]