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Last year, Charles Barkley said that the Warriors weren’t going to be able to win an NBA championship because they’re a jump-shooting team. Steph Curry & Co. responded by winning the title—and forcing Barkley to wear this shirt. So it’s a little surprising—although not entirely surprising, given that we're talking about Charles Barkley here—that Barkley has once again picked against the Warriors heading into the NBA Playoffs. During a segment on TNT on Tuesday night, he predicted that the 73-9 Warriors will not win the ‘chip in June.

“If the Golden State Warriors win a championship, I will get on my knees and congratulate them,” Barkley said on Inside the NBA.

Today, Steve Kerr was asked about Barkley’s prediction, and he responded to it by saying that it “doesn’t bother” him. But he was also quick to point out that, if the Warriors win, it obviously won’t be the first time they’ve proved Barkley wrong.

“If I’m not mistaken,” Kerr said, “he picked us to lose last year, too.”

And when Kerr was asked if he thinks there’s a segment of the basketball-watching population that wants the Warriors to lose in the postseason this year, he brought up Barkley’s name again.

“There’s a segment of Charles that wants it,” he joked.

The Warriors tip off their first-round matchup against the Rockets tomorrow. Do you have them going back-to-back?

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