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Baseball games can be somewhat boring to watch. And presumably, this random couple took their PDA and boredom at Progressive Field in Cleveland to the extreme.

During the Mets/Indians game today, the couple came up with the genius idea to go wayyyyy up in a nosebleed section of the stands where no one else was sitting. They figured that they wouldn't be spotted by either stadium security or a perturbed fan who snitched and felt the couple's moral compass was questionable.

Here is a NSFW photo of the couple:

There it is. A couple who didn't see enough home runs during the game, so they mutually hit their own. I guess watching a bunch of dudes only hitting singles, doubles, bunts, and maybe some triples all afternoon just wasn't enough.

If you're interested in the outcome of the game rather than what happened to the couple after they refused to wait to get it on within their own four walls—or perhaps the backseat of their car—the Indians beat the Mets 7-5.

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