James Harden's defense really sucked last night. Here's three examples in 10 seconds:


None of this is exactly unique but, since it's the playoffs, he received a little more ball busting than usual. On TV Shaq took him to task with some harsh (but fair) criticism during Inside the NBA:

"The problem with James Harden is he has no leadership skills. I know for a fact as the main player, when you come to play, others will follow. If you’re the leader of a team, you gotta do what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, then others will not do anything … He doesn’t lead by example."

And on the internet his play also got him called out by DJ Jazzy Jeff...:

...as well as a bunch of other people who weren't famous in the '90s:

And, speaking of the Defensive Player of the Year voting:

How long until Lil B takes credit for this?

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[via Larry Brown Sports, Twitter, Vine]