While most people were too focused on the 2016 NFL Draft and, of course, Drake’s new album, VIEWS, last night to pay attention to what was happening on Inside The NBA, it appears as though it was a pretty amazing night for the TNT crew. Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Shaq, and Charles Barkley offered up their usual analysis on the Hawks/Celtics game—which the Hawks won to close out their playoff series with the Celtics—but they also engaged in some hysterical extracurricular activities, too.

At one point, Shaq and Barkley decided to hold a wrestling match inside of a back room in the TNT studios. In doing so, they nearly took out a couch, a coffee table, and some poor guy sitting nearby. Jarrett Jack documented the match and posted a clip of it on Instagram:

During the actual show, Barkley also said that Iggy Azalea is “a better woman than me” while discussing how Iggy prevented Nick Young from getting a misspelled tattoo recently. It obviously led to him getting clowned by Johnson, Smith, and Shaq:

And it led to the Inside The NBA producers digging up this:

Wow. We're sure Chuck appreciated the reminder about the time he did that. Good times!

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