You see NBA players jawing at referees all the time. After almost every single foul call, at least one player on the court has something to say to a ref. But it’s not often that you get to hear what is actually said.

Last night, microphones picked up a quick conversation between Russell Westbrook and referee Monty McCutchen, and it was interesting to hear the tone of that conversation. Westbrook didn’t appreciate the way McCutchen spoke to him, and more specifically, he seemed to insinuate that he didn’t approve of the ref treating him like a little kid. So they exchanged words for about 15 seconds. Listen here:

In the clip, you can hear McCutchen say, “You’re going to yell at me? You’re going to get yelled at back.” Westbrook then responds by saying something that you can’t quite hear before telling McCutchen, “I’ve got one daddy, that’s it!” McCutchen replies to that by saying, “So do I.” And Westbrook ends things by yelling, “I’ve got one pops," just in case McCutchen didn't hear him the first time.

So there you have it. NBA players and referees apparently yell at each other about...yelling at each other. Profound.

In related news: Does anyone remember when Westbrook said he wasn’t going to argue with referees anymore earlier this season? LOL. How's that working out for him?!

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[via The Big Lead]