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Princeton's lacrosse coach, Chris Bates, was fired yesterday after crappy footage showed him temporarily turning the Ivy League bush league when he elbowed a Brown University player as he exited the field. The incident occurred last Saturday during a 19-8 loss, and came moments after that opposing player (Brown midfielder John Yozzo-Scaperrotta) collided with a Princeton-er.

Bates told the New York Daily News that there's more "context to the story than what appears in a five-second clip" which may be true, and also may just be what you say when you're a grown ass man caught elbowing a college student on a live broadcast.

Bates' firing for putting hands on a player isn't nearly unprecedented, as Bobby Knight, Woody Hayes and that Texas A&M coach whose name I forgot all know the feeling.

Bates had been the Tigers' coach for seven years, with his team bio stating that his "calmness and strength serve as the bedrock of the Princeton men's lacrosse program."

If they weren't just going to delete him entirely they'd probably edit that.

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