Prince was a music prodigy by the time he was in the seventh grade. But he was also a bonafide baller by that same age. He excelled as a point guard for the Bryant Junior High basketball team in his native Minneapolis. Two years later, he was playing on the junior varsity team at Central High and was the assistant coach of his church’s grammar school team. 

According to his high school basketball coach Richard Robinson, Prince could really get busy on the hardwood and blacktop. “Prince was an excellent player,” said Robinson. “Excellent ball handler, good shooter, but too short to crack the starting lineup.” 

And, yes, Prince was the “put me in coach” guy. “I knew he wanted to be starting and felt he should be starting. He was unhappy and expressed that many, many times,” Robinson affirmed.

Robinson even rehashed his story about Prince playing in high school to TMZ when he told them that Prince “was quite a good basketball player, but I gave him less playing time because he always threw the ball away. The more turnovers he got, the less time he played.” Being undersized, having a less than stellar assist-to-turnover ratio didn't help his cause for more minutes.