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Going into spring training in February, Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval looked way too hefty for team manager John Farrell to turn the other cheek about his weight. Pablo looked like he was chilling too good all winter, and Farrell had every right to be concerned for Sandoval whether he'd be in shape for Opening Day last week.

For what happened today in Sandoval's first at-bat of the year against the Blue Jays in Toronto, he's apparently not even close to being physically ready. And neither was his belt to tuck in his "Kung Fu Panda" belly.

When Sandoval swung at Blue Jays knuckleballer R.A. Dickey's pitch, the life of Pablo's belt ended abruptly for all in the SkyDome to see. After a short hard day's work, his belt just couldn't take the weight at the plate any longer. Here is a close-up of the hilarious clip:


Wow. Pablo could neither reconnect his belt, nor connect for a hit as he struck out thereafter. Things are off to a bad start for Pablo also for throwing an error in the second inning, and because he lost the starting third baseman job to Travis Shaw. The brightside is there's only one way but up from here for Pablo, albeit that he can't look down past his huge abdomen.

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