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NBA players just don’t talk trash like they used to!

At least, that’s what Metta World Peace thinks. World Peace has talked trash with the best of them, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, over the years. And according to him, none of today’s players compare with those guys. He believes it’s because some of them are “scared” that they'll talk trash and then fail while trying to back it up.

“With MJ and Kobe, what you get is you get people who is talking trash to you and backing it up,” World Peace said on The Dan Patrick Show today. “Nowadays, guys are scared to talk trash, because I don’t think they can back it up. I remember getting into the game yesterday and talking trash immediately once I checked in. I miss those days when you could just talk. And you know, some days you’re not going to be able to back it up. But then, some days you can back it up. Nowadays, guys wait until they get the championship or they wait until they’re up in the game with the lead. They can’t talk trash when they’re down, or they can’t talk trash when they’re losing. MJ would talk trash losing or winning. Kobe also. That’s the difference between a real talk trasher, guys like Paul Pierce and stuff. We don’t really have any real trash talkers that I know of these days.”

Check out the clip above to hear World Peace talk about a bunch of other topics, like when he plans on retiring and why he’s giving away tickets to Kobe’s final game (you hear that, Gilbert Arenas?!). Outside of the trash talk bit, the best part might be when World Peace discusses the toughest guys he’s ever had to guard—and ends up talking about guys from his old neighborhood instead of NBA greats.

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