It’s not exactly a secret that female sports reporters are routinely mistreated on social media. Last summer, reporter Julie DiCaro wrote an excellent—and incredibly sad—piece for Sports Illustrated about what her Twitter mentions look like on a regular basis. She also shared stories from other female sports reporters on the topic. But now, DiCaro and ESPN reporter Sarah Spain have teamed up to put together a video that is designed to shed even more light on the subject.

In the video, which you can watch above, a handful of men sit across from DiCaro and Spain and read real tweets that have been sent to the two women in the past. The men are able to work their way through the first batch of tweets without a problem, but they start to struggle to read the tweets about halfway through the video. The tweets gradually get worse and worse until some of the men have to stop reading them altogether, and there’s an apologetic look in all of their eyes that really drives home the point that DiCaro and Spain tried to make.

Some of the language in the video is extremely NSFW. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable, just imagine how it makes DiCaro, Spain, and all of the other female sports reporters out there feel. It's truly awful and, as the video suggests, #MoreThanMean. See for yourself in the video.

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