Over the last five years, Lakers guard Lou Williams has sporadically dropped a series of rap songs. There was the time he rapped over Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss”:

The time he teamed up with Meek for “I Want It All”:

And the time he jumped on the same Gillie Da Kid track, “On My Dip,” as DeSean Jackson:

During an interview with Lakers Nation last summer, Williams revealed that he records new songs all the time, even though most of them never come out.

“I have a lot of material,” he said. “Some of it is on YouTube. The vast majority of it is just stuck in my laptop and will never come out.”

It sounds like some of it might end up making it out of Lou Will’s MacBook, though. Last night, he dropped a track that features him rapping over “Panda.” He holds his own on Desiigner's smash—and drops a slick “two of everything, that’s how I do live” line:

And on Instagram, he included the hashtag #thealbumthatneverwas along with the photo for his freestyle:


Bio!! 😳 #TATNW #thealbumthatneverwas

A photo posted by Lou Williams (@louwillville) on Apr 19, 2016 at 10:45pm PDT

Does this mean a Lou Will album is coming? Stay tuned.

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