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LeSean McCoy is no stranger to beefing with people on Twitter. In the past, he has gone at it with everyone from former Giants star Osi Umenyiora to the mother of his child on the social media site. But while those beefs were easily explained, his most recent one has us scratching our heads.

Like most people, McCoy was tuned into Kobe Bryant’s final game last night. He sent out these tweets about it:

But once the game ended, McCoy started taking shots at the “clowns” who were hugging Kobe on the court:

Specifically, he took aim at D’Angelo Russell and “soft ass” Lou Williams:

Russell didn’t respond to him, but Williams saw the tweet McCoy sent out and, despite the fact that he was probably in the Lakers’ locker room at the time, he started sending shots back at him. He started with this:

And he’s right. McCoy was in Los Angeles just last month and sat courtside at a Lakers game. He shared this photo of him standing with DeSean Jackson and Floyd Mayweather at the game on Instagram:

That led to McCoy sending this:

And…wait, what? To the best of our knowledge, Williams has never been accused of any sort of domestic violence in the past, but McCoy seemed to insinuate that he has put his hands on a woman before. And that led to Williams ending things by sending this back:

It’s still unclear why this beef started in the first place (there's been some speculation out there that McCoy might be dating one of the women Williams used to date, though that hasn't been confirmed thus far). But regardless of why they were beefing early this morning, it looks like it’s over...for now. We’ll be sure to let you know if any other words are exchanged.

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[via Black Sports Online]