The Cavs won their first-round playoff series against the scrappy Pistons 100-98 on Sunday night. It wasn't easy because Detroit's blue collar-style of play and youth-filled roster gave the Cavs a run for their money each game.

The Cavs most clutch player Kyrie Irving, who had a game-high of 31 points, stifled the Pistons hopes when the game was tied at 70 in the closing seconds of the third quarter as he hit this half-court buzzer beater. It was a reminder to Detroit fans in the Palace at Auburn Hills that Uncle Drew is not to be messed with. Especially during the postseason.

He did this to them in Game 3 to seal the victory at the end of the 4th quarter.


Note to the Pistons: Do everything in your power to get in a playoff seeding next year where you won't have to face Kyrie in the playoffs. It will be much easier on your conscience.

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