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We don’t know if you guys have heard yet, but today is the last day of Kobe Bryant’s career.


OK, of course you’ve heard that. Have you heard what NBA 2K is doing to honor Kobe, though? Probably not, so here it is. 2K is putting Kobe on the cover of a special “Legend Edition” of NBA 2K17. The physical copy of the game will come with a Kobe poster, Kobe trading cards, a Black Mamba controller skin, and in-game Kobe gear. And of course, the front of the game will be all Kobe’d out:

The game will cost $79.99 and is available for preorder now. Check out the video above that 2K released to announce Kobe’s “Legend Edition” of NBA 2K17. And stay tuned for more Kobe content throughout the remainder of #MambaDay.

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