Josh Norman may be playing cornerback for a new team now, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to change his approach to trash-talking. If you have something to say about him, he will respond.

After the Panthers decided to part ways with Norman last week, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson—who has gone at it with Richard Sherman in the past on Twitter—seemed to take a shot at Norman when he tweeted (and then immediately deleted) this:

And Norman must have seen it, because during his first Redskins’ press conference today, he made a reference to knowing his worth. He signed a five-year, $75 million contract with Washington over the weekend, which is a bigger contract than the one Peterson signed back in 2014, so Norman threw a little shade in his direction.

“You’ve got to know yourself, know your worth, huh?” he said. “I guess I know my worth.”

Welcome to Washington, Josh. Good to see that, while the jersey may have changed, the man who’s wearing it hasn’t.

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[via Pro Football Talk]